How I met your mother, season 9.

Initially, How I Met Your Mother was set to run eight seasons on CBS, but after improved ratings, the show’s producers added one season to wrap up the story.

The ninth season, twenty-two half-hour episodes, takes place over one weekend leading up to the Wedding of Barney and Robin. It’s forced. Ted-ius. But there is one bit of good news: the role of the Mother is portrayed by Cristin Milioti, hot off the Once stage on Broadway.

Cristin is sometimes an adequate proxy for Marketa Irglova in Once, playing the part of “Girl” that originated in the movie, but she should shine in HIMYM. Nevertheless, if her character isn’t given any depth — and I don’t see how t possibly could have any depth if she’s only a regular for several episodes — the inspired casting choice will be rendered irrelevant.

Life is too short for bad writing, but I want to see how the show ends. Is that so terrible?

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  1. I want to know how it ends too! I’ve watched every single episode (to the best of my knowledge) and this season hasn’t been amazing, but at least they’re trying to wrap up loose ends. The question is, will there be enough time with Ted knowing their mother or will it just be a quick thing at the end of the last couple of episodes?

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